Osage Wind Project

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General Contractor:
International Energy Agency (IEA)
  • Hooper constructed a 138kV, 1.7 mile transmission line for the Osage County Wind Farm project consisting of (150 MW) of (84) 1.7MW General Electric Turbines.
  • The project was constructed near Burbank, Osage County, Oklahoma and was completed on schedule.
  • Work began at the point where the transmission line conductors attach to the Kamo Remington Switchyard line terminal structure.
  • Hooper was required to provide the insulators and hardware necessary to make the conductor terminations. The scope of work included providing the structures, conductor, optical ground wire (OPGW), hardware, insulators, grounding materials, signage and all other materials necessary to make a complete installation for operation of the Osage Transmission Line.
  • The transmission line crews were required to drill anchors to depths beyond the industry standards for a transmission project of this size. Anchors were drilled, set, and casted in concrete anywhere from 11’ to 42’ deep.
  • Crews had to drill through the first initial layer of rock and then past the remaining boulders in order to set the line structures. With the help from a local blasting subcontractor, each pole location was blasted and later excavated by Hooper for complete and safe pole installations.
  • Hooper completed weekly inspections of equipment, tools, and materials to insure that no waste or debris was contaminating the worksite or wildlife habitat. Hooper also participated in weekly site garbage pickups where the crews would remove any waste or garbage from the site.
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