Heartland transmission

Heartland Transmission Project

Uncharted Territory: High Voltage Work Brings Hooper Crews to Canada

  • Hooper overhead line crews traveled to Alberta, Canada for the Heartland Transmission Project
  • With the entire project spanning nearly 50 miles, Hooper crews erected 33 steel monopole, 500 kV structures covering six miles.
  • Poles ranged in height from 200-240 feet tall with some poles weighing in at over 280,000 pounds.
  • Most poles were installed using 350 ton cranes. A 550 ton crane was used for the large structures.
  • A dedicated safety specialist was onsite throughout completion to help with pre-planning and jobsite safety; the job was completed with zero injuries.
  • Extremely muddy soil and soft ground conditions forced the use of timber matting on the entire site to allow more mobility for cranes.
  • With a short schedule, crews worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week to complete the project ahead of schedule in August 2013.