Lifeguard Manhole Safety System at Mineapolis HPFF Xcel

Minneapolis HPFF Refurbishment Project

Cathodic Protection Update Complete on Six 115 kV HPFF Lines

  • The purpose of the project was to improve the cathodic protection on six 115 kV HPFF lines from existing underground transmission lines.
  • Hooper Corporation’s Underground Electrical Department installed 16 solid-state isolation surge protectors to replace existing polarization cells and improve cathodic protection.
  • Installation of two one-inch SDR 113.5 HDPE interdicts through Xcel’s existing distribution duct and manhole system with one reel of ADL-ADSS 48-count fiber-optic cable.
  • Cable pipe junction boxes were installed to replace existing rectifier.
  • Installed bonding of three two-inch fluid pipes.
  • A majority of this work was completed in downtown Minneapolis.