substation Cleveland Public Power Lake Road

CPP Lake Road Substation

Major Development Plans Possible with New Power Supply to downtown Cleveland

  • This project consists of substations, overhead, and underground electrical lines, including a tunnel spanning under the I-90 Innerbelt to connect the two substations.
  • The Lake Road Substation, an existing Cleveland Public Power (CPP) 138 kV/69 kV substation site, is being expanded to include a new 138/11.5 kV substation.
  • A portion of the available 11.5 kV feeders from this substation expansion will be extended throughout the CPP service area.
  • In addition, a new 11.5/13.8 kV distribution substation will be installed to provide 13.8 kV feeders that will also be extended throughout the CPP services area.
  • There will be an 11.5 kV distribution system consisting of 4 feeders and a 13.8 kV distribution consisting of 2 feeders.
  • Hooper was responsible for procuring and installing the power cable within the duct banks for both the 11.5 kV and 13.8 kV distribution systems.
  • The harsh winter slowed progress with extremely cold temperatures and high winds. Crews worked long hours and weekends to make up for lost time.
  • Many problems arose due to the close proximity to Lake Erie and the high water table. Major dewatering was required for excavations and entry into manholes to work.
  • This project will supply more power to downtown Cleveland to spur major future developments.