Catalent exterior


Collaboration Continues at Catalent’s Newly Renovated Facility

Hooper Corporation’s Mechanical Division was hired by Kraemer Brothers to install all of the process piping, plumbing, and fire protection systems in the newly renovated facility at 726 Heartland Trail in Madison, Wisconsin.


  • Installation of two USP water systems and two polypropylene drainage systems to separate waste streams.
  • Extended water and waste piping through the production and lab spaces for all the owner provided equipment.

Fire Protection

  • Crews modified the two existing wet sprinkler systems per the customer’s design criteria and installed one new electrical fire pump (1,000 GPM) for increased flow capacity.
  • Crews also installed 6,200 feet of new sprinkler piping for the mezzanine and labs, in addition to 685 new sprinkler heads for offices, labs, and storage areas.
  • Modifications were made to the existing sprinkler system piping, which was required for coordination and installation of new piping and equipment.

Process Piping

  • Furnished and installed one 10,000 liter WFI storage tank and one owner furnished WFI still, along with three point of use heat exchangers and associated WFI piping which was done using our orbital welding process.
  • All welds were video boroscoped and documented.
  • Other critical systems included compressed nitrogen, air, oxygen, carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen, and process chilled water piping to the 18 utility panels in lab rooms and mechanical spaces throughout the facility.

Custom Metals

  • Furnished and installed 18 utility and five wall pass through panels.