Capx Brookings powerlines

CapX Brookings County-Hampton

Brookings County Spans 240 Miles, 345 kV Line to Meet Growth in Minnesota

  • The 250-mile CapX2020 Brookings County-Hamptooon 345 kV transmission line will help meet projected electric growth in southern and western Minnesota and the growing areas south of the Twin cities metra area, particularly Scott and Dakota counties.
  • The Brookings County-Hamptom project consists of 240 miles of 345 kV bundled conductor.
  • Hooper began construction on the last 106 miles of the project in January of 2014.
  • 597 steel structures on foundations will be installed over the 106 miles.
  • The majority of the structures are between 140 and 170 feet tall, with the largest structure being 195 feet tall and weighing over 210,000 pounds.
  • Helicopters were used in some sections of the line to help pull lead lines, clip conductor, install spacers, bird diverters, and inter phase spacers.
  • The project will peaked with nearly 100 onsite employees.

Construction was completed in March 2015.