Xcel Feeder Projects: Leyden Rock

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Hooper Underground (URD), based out of Denver, Colorado, is currently working with Xcel Energy on multiple feeder installation projects.

Leyden Rock

  • The Leyden Rock project is situated in a very hilly area in Arvada, Colorado. This project included both underground and overhead work and is a standard boring job.
  • The steep terrain is the biggest challenge on this project as work starts out on a big bluff, moves over a stream, and then moves back up to the other side of the bluff. Due to this environment, tying in electrical service between the two plateaus (separated by a big ravine) becomes challenging. Because of the terrain, Hooper also had to build temporary access roads which included matting and a temporary bridge across stream, with strict attention to environmental concerns.
  • This project includes a 2,500 foot bore and feeder upgrade for housing expansion in this area. Crews built a flow system for erosion control that consisted of a 20 foot culvert (18 feet long) to allow equipment into the area. It was also necessary to build a vault to pull in new wire which stretches 7,500 feet.
  • This project also involves overhead feeder extension work which includes 9 poles on the north end of the project which is roughly three quarters of a mile of overhead extension (1,400 feet of 795 kV).
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