overhead transmission line Dairyland Power

Q28 Van Loon Bottom Rebuild

  • Hooper helped to rebuild three miles, 30 structures, of an existing wooden H frame line through the sensitive Van Loon wetland in Holmen, Wis. The existing H-frame structures, conductor, shield wire and overhead fiber optic wire were removed and replaced with new 795 Drake Conductor, shield wire, overhead fiber optic cable, and steel Y frame structures.
  • The initial plan was for low ground pressure track equipment to be utilized to transport crews and tools into the structure locations and to be the only equipment allowed in the wetland. The week prior to the project starting, there was substantial rainfall causing track equipment to no longer be allowed in the wetland. Hooper made arrangements on short notice to have a helicopter on site to transport linemen and tools to all wetland structure locations. All work was completed without the use of any ground equipment in the wetland.
  • Prior to removing the existing line, a temporary fiber had to be installed on the ground to ensure fiber connectivity throughout the duration of the project.
  • Crews worked with Erickson Air Crane to install 21 vibratory caissons and structures in the wetland.