Xcel Energy Feeder Projects: Smoky Hills

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Hooper Underground (URD), based out of Denver, Colorado, is currently working with Xcel Energy on multiple feeder installation projects.

Smoky Hills

  • This project is based out of Aurora, Colorado and includes over 4,300 total linear feet and 12,600 circuit feet of cable. This project uses a reclaimer system which means it re-circulates drilling mud so that fresh water does not have to be continuously added onsite. Instead, the reclaimer re-circulates from an exit pit back into the bore unit.
  • Some challenges this project faced were staying on schedule, especially through the rainy season. In addition, with school starting, maintaining a strict schedule and completion date were necessary to finish the project before the start of the new school season.
  • One other unique aspect of this project was construction access concerns, which required crews to put mats over the bike path. To successfully complete this project, crews shot a 1,000 foot bore to fit their needs for the manholes. This is non-typical on Xcel property as most feeder projects consist of 550 linear feet due to cable cuts. Due to limited space and topography, fitting manholes in this space was improbable.



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