plumbing at Dodge County Justice Facility

Dodge County Justice Facility

  • This project included the removal of the existing hot water heating system consisting of two 940 gallon glass lined storage tanks and three boilers and the removal of existing corroded copper water piping.
  • Crews installed:
    • four HTP high efficiency modulating stainless steel water heaters.
    • stainless steel water distribution piping.
    • heat timer electronic mixing valve.
    • natural gas piping w/ 5 lb regulator.
    • circulation pumps.
    • 31 hot water return balancing valves in the existing return piping.
  • Hot water was to be maintained at all times to the prison during replacements. One boiler and storage tank was left in place and in operation while installing three of the four water heaters. Two late night water and gas shutdowns were performed to make this transition.
  • Daily construction reports and two-day look ahead forms were provided to the prison to make them aware of next steps and to be sure escorting prison guards were available.