UW-Stevens Point Chemistry and Biology Building

  • Hooper and General Heating and Air Conditioning (GHAC) began work on an extensive laboratory facility at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in March 2016.
  • Hooper is installing all plumbing systems including extensive lab waste system, lab gases and associated equipment, storm, water reuse, reverse osmosis system, compressed air equipment, and sanitary waste system. Crews will also install connections to many fume hoods.
  • GHAC is installing all the ductwork and exhaust work including high pressure steam, chilled and hot water.
  • Due to the tight working site and fast paced schedule, high pressure steam expansion valves, piping in box conduit, in wall piping components, and overhead lab gas and water systems are being fabricated in our Madison facility and transported just in time for installation.
  • This 176,500-square-foot building will contain educational labs, lecture halls, and research facilities for biology and chemistry. This is the first new, free-standing academic building to be constructed on campus since 1971.
  • The new building will include four 55-seat classrooms, two 110-seat lecture halls and research and teaching labs on each floor. It will also include a vegetative green roof on a portion of the building as well as a small café.