Pilot Hill Wind Farm

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EDF Energy
General Contractor:
M.A. Mortenson
Hooper Corporation
  • This project began in October 2014 in Kankakee, IL, and concluded in June 2015.
  • 161 steel mono poles were engineered, procured and constructed.
  • Material that utilized 1272 ACSR and 48 pair fiber was used to connect the Pilot Hill Collection Substation and the Com-Ed switchyard.
  • Crews installed concrete drilled piers on dead-end and turning structures.
  • A helicopter was used to install bird flight diverters on multi-segments of the line.
  • Crews complied with the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) by installing soil logs in and around wetlands and prairie grass to prevent erosion of the right of way during construction.
  • Hooper coordinated with the general contractor and landowners to make sure pole placement was the most efficient for farming needs.
  • This project contributes to the goal set by the U.S. government for 20% of power to come from renewable resources by 2020.
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