original Capitol Heat and Power Plant

Capitol Heat and Power Plant Rebuild

Capitol Heat and Power Plant: A Natural Approach to Heating the Capitol

  • In 2010, major renovations at the 100-year-old Capitol Heat and Power Plant began.
  • The conversion from coal burning to natural gas will help maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact.
  • The plant serves a network of underground utility tunnels to provide steam, chilled water, and power to the Capitol and surrounding buildings.
  • Installation of new efficient, low emission boilers that burn natural gas and removal of the coal fired boilers
  • Over 300 men and women were trained and oriented to work on the project, which stretched over 60,000 hours throughout project completion
  • Installation of high efficiency electric chillers to support a one million gallon thermal energy storage tank for chilled water production
  • The year-round operation of the plant required Hooper to maintain uninterrupted services in the Wisconsin State Capitol area while integrating the new system.
  • The Madison area power plants are two of many Wisconsin heating plants making the conversion from coal to gas.