Verona Area High School

Location: Verona, Wisconsin

Areas of Expertise: Fire Protection, HVAC

Verona High School is a newly constructed 3 –story 592,000-square-foot learning space for student grades 9 through 12. Located at the intersection of Highway 18 and 151, the school educates approximately 1,650 students each year in state-of-the-art classrooms, fieldhouse, auditorium, library, auto and wood shops, art, culinary space and music and band rooms.

The project was an early award / design assist MEP style project. All MEP contractors were brought on early to help assist the owner and design engineers identify and provide a quality system that would meet the budget. Throughout the design process, there were multiple iterations of pricing review and design refinement to help ensure the mechanical system would perform as expected while meeting this budget.

Examples of cost saving measures without sacrificing mechanical system performance included moving the bore field closer to the school under a parking lot to reduce an underground vault and piping, combining common heat pump zones to reduce the quantity of heat pumps, and revising ductwork layouts to maximize air distribution efficiency.