Promega Component Manufacturing Center (CMC)

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Areas of Expertise: Fire Protection, Plumbing, Process Piping

Hooper’s Mechanical Division was proud to partner with Promega to provide fire protection, plumbing and process piping expertise on their recent Component Manufacturing Center (CMC) project.

The CMC features newly developed product manufacturing lines in a 14,600m2 (158,000ft2) facility located only a few miles from the Promega headquarters. This facility complements existing manufacturing capacities in Madison and California by supplying small molecule components for use in other manufacturing processes. 

The building features office spaces with a timber framed structure, double skin facade structure for insulation and uses natural ventilation to maximize energy efficiency. The site has an extensive on-site stormwater treatment pond system and will be powered with renewable energy from the nearby Madison Gas & Electric O’Brien Solar Fields. 

Promega’s CmC is designed to provide future flexibility with a raised floor system containing air handling, electrical and communications below. This feature allows for re-configuring the space without demolition and re-construction.