Hurricane Sandy Power Restoration

Location: Numerous states along the U.S. East Coast

Areas of Expertise: Storm Response, Line Clearance

Hurricane Sandy hit homes and businesses with torrential rain and high winds in over 10 East Coast states at the end of October 2012 leaving more than eight million people out of power. Hooper crews helped restore power for Long Island Power Authority, National Grid, Rochester Gas and Electric, and Consolidated Edison.

Hooper Crews also provided storm damage assessment for Rochester Gas and Electric and Consolidated Edison as well as tree trimming services to Long Island Power Authority. Many Hooper crews worked for 16 to 18 hour days over two weeks. Crews were sent from Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Kansas and included linemen, tree trimmers, safety personnel, and a mechanic. 

The advanced preparation and actions taken by utilities in the Northeast were well planned, allowing crews to mobilize days before Sandy struck. Hooper crews were sent with over 60 bucket and digger trucks, along with the necessary tooling to help remove trees from power lines, rebuild distribution lines, and restore power to thousands of homes. Maneuvering large bucket trucks and equipment in New York was a challenge due to low city bridges and high traffic volume.

Soon after Sandy hit, a winter storm hit resulting in the loss of power for 60,000 customers on Long Island. Hooper crews wore V-watches and took extra precautions to ensure their safety and protect themselves from unexpected hazards.