Core Values

Keep safety as our number one core value
Safety is part of every employee’s individual responsibility regardless of role.

Do business the right way
Conducting business with honesty and integrity has built Hooper’s credibility and respected character in the industries we serve.

Pursue excellence
It is our goal to exceed expectations and pursue excellence in every aspect of every project.

Build strong customer relationships
It is our goal to develop lasting customer relationships and pursue partnerships within the industries we serve.

Emphasize environmental stewardship
Our environmental protection goals are achieved by effectively balancing project objectives with sound environmental protective measures.

Lead with corporate citizenship
Through the Hooper Foundation, we support many local charities and encourage all of our employees to give back to the community. Hooper Corporation believes that a company is only as strong as the community in which it serves.

Embrace our industries’ futures while respecting our company’s roots
It is our philosophy to honor where we came from and to use the knowledge gained from our extensive experience to improve our industries’ futures.

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