Ryan Koga

I wanted to take a moment to commend one of your employees, Gregg Peter. Gregg is a plumber in your special projects division, and he is nothing short of stellar! We used Hooper for the plumbing work when we did our renovation work in the Fall of 2012, and Gregg was the one who was assigned to us back then. Very quickly I knew that he was the only person I wanted to help us from here on out.

As a business owner, Gregg is precisely the type of person I would want on my team. He is incredibly professional and personable, not to mention very patient. Many times we are designing on the fly as we absorb new information and Gregg has always gone out of his way to help us understand what our challenges are, and what the appropriate solution should be- both functionally and fiscally. Beyond that, the pride he takes in his work is obvious as his craftsmanship is impeccable. We are looking at a major multi-million dollar expansion in a few short years and Hooper will be at the top of our list of subcontractors expressly because of Gregg, and we would demand that he be there to help us in such a major step.

In short, whatever you are paying him- it’s not enough! You should be proud to have such a person as a member of the Hooper family.