New technologies and innovative practices require companies to adapt and continue to improve expertise to remain a quality player in the industry. Green initiatives are at the forefront of these new technologies and practices. At Hooper, going green and being a green builder is more than doing the minimum of what is expected to protect the environment and promote conservation efforts.

Hooper adopts an environmentally sensitive approach to business in all our fields. Our electric power efforts range from wind farm construction to using composite mats to minimally disturb an ecosystem, from working with customers to create a smarter grid to relocating bird nests from transmission poles. Our mechanical industries emphasize installing energy efficient appliances in both residential and commercial buildings, and also work to use solar energy products and installing water reclamation systems.

Our efforts in the field are also interwoven with our daily operations. Energy efficient light bulbs are used throughout our facilities, our cardboard, paper, and pallet waste is recycled daily, and the GHAC campus is LEED Gold Certified.

No conservation effort is too big or too small for Hooper to make to protect the environment.

Emphasize environmental stewardship

Our environmental protection goals are achieved by effectively balancing project objectives with sound environmental protective measures.

Our crews are concerned with environmental stewardship and are experienced in protecting wetlands and waterways, as well as threatened species and plant life. Hooper employees take measures that protect the environment including strict adherence to environmental laws and project specific permit requirements. Our work practices and concern for the environment support our goal of being good environmental stewards as well as supporting your requirements for a successful project.

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