Vondron Road

Dedicated Training Facility

Training has always been a cornerstone of a successful, proactive safety program. To help assist with an expanding training regime, Hooper Corporation acquired a facility in Madison, Wis., named the Vondron Road Operations Center.

The office building was renovated to provide a state-of-the-art training facility. The classroom portion of the complex comfortably seats 50 students and is equipped with the latest audio/visual training tools. The exterior yard includes a facility for hot stick and equipment training and is also set up for pole-top rescue training. This training center has also been utilized by some of our utility partners to conduct their own training programs, as well as attend Hooper provided programs.

The following are a few examples of the specialized training that Hooper provides:

National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO)
Hooper Corporation has three certified exam sites registered with the NCCCO. The Vondron Road training center is one of those sites and is capable of providing the classroom, certified written exam, and the certified practical exam for crane operator certification. Our Safety Department has two practical examiners on staff, and we have certified more than 50 individuals as NCCCO crane operators.

OSHA Construction Training
A well-trained and educated workforce is an important component of a safer work environment. Through our four OSHA 500 trainers, Hooper provides OSHA 10 and 30 hour classes for our personnel.

OSHA ET&D (Electric Transmission & Distribution) Training
Through a partnership with OSHA, electric power industry partners have created special OSHA 10 and 20 hour courses that specifically address safety training issues in line work. Specialized topics for this class include arc and flash hazards, equipment grounding, and equipotential grounding. Hooper Corporation provides the OSHA ET&D 10 hour training to all Electric Power Division workers and the OSHA 20 hour training to all supervisors. Of our four OSHA 500 instructors, three have the additional certifications to instruct the specialized 10 and 20 hour classes.

OSHA 10 and 20 hour courses are regularly scheduled for Hooper personnel throughout our sphere of work locations. Recently, we have provided similar classes for our utility partners.

Pole-Top and Aerial Bucket Rescue
A very specialized training program, the Pole-Top and Aerial Bucket Rescue program is conducted at the Vondron Road Operations Center, as well as provided offsite for jobsites not in the immediate area of the training center. This life-saving technique is provided to all Electric Power Division crews on an annual basis.

Hot Stick Training
The utilization of hot sticks for live line work is a special skill that requires specific training. A permanent facility for conducting this training has been established at the Vondron Road Operations Center. This provides us with a facility to ensure that our field crews maintain current training in this highly specialized skill.

First Aid/CPR/AED Training
Seven in-house First Aid/CPR/AED instructors provide easy access to life-saving training for all employees.

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