Specialized Equipment

The electric power industry involves severe hazards, especially in emergency storm response. Training and education are very important in the reduction of exposures. The following tools have been used at Hooper Corporation for many years and are somewhat unique in the industry.

AED Utilization
Every Electric Power Division crew at Hooper is issued an automatic external defibrillator (AED). To support the necessary training requirements for use of these life saving devices, first aid/CPR/AED training is scheduled four times a year. This is unique among our peers.

V-Watch Personal Voltage Proximity Devices
Storm restoration work is a high-risk activity; however, it is a necessary part of assuring the best reliability of the electric power infrastructure of the nation in the interest of public safety. During storm work, conductors, poles, and nearby trees may be down. To provide an additional level of security, each lineman is equipped with a V-Watch personal voltage proximity device. This unit provides an audible and visual alarm of nearby energized environments. Although not perfect (false alarms may occur), the device provides an additional edge of safety in a dangerous environment.

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