Workforce Training


Being the best in the industry means having the most highly qualified workforce, and at Hooper, we retain our position in the industry by ensuring our employees are trained in the most up-to-date safety standards through the use of workforce training.

Workforce training is more than an in-depth orientation to our company and its values. It is an intense series of courses that train our employees to be the best-trained and the safest workers.

Workforce training combines computer-based and face-to-face training to provide a complimentary blend of information to suit different learning needs. It incorporates quizzes that reinforce each user’s learning and a final assessment so that we may track how well our employees comprehend the training material. Our program allows us to reach a widespread audience with a clear, consistent message in an effective and efficient manner.

Hooper strives for an ever safe environment, meaning this information is analyzed to help identify areas where changes may be made to improve jobsite safety.

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