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Hooper Overhead Line and Underground Crews Connect Power to 134 Turbines

  • Hooper crews worked on the construction of both the overhead transmission line and the underground electrical work, which began in 2011 and was completed in 2012.

Transmission Work

  • Hooper crews erected 30.5 miles of steel monopole structures that ran from Ellsworth to Lorraine, Kansas.
  • With an average pole height of 105 feet, 105 foot bucket trucks and cranes were necessary to complete this work.
  • Due to record high summer heat, crews had to sag and tension conductors, as well as pour concrete cassons in the early morning to avoid mid-day heat.
  • 954 ACSR “Cardinal” conductor and 24-count OPGW were utilized oon the 230 kV transmission line.
  • Since the project required the transmission line to be built within a major migratory bird path, helicopters were brought in to install bird diverters on the entire length of the line.

Underground Work

  • This portion of the project started in November 2011 and was completed in May 2012.
  • Hooper crews installed 73 miles of 35 kV underground collector cable connecting 134 GE ZLE 1.6 MW turbine generators. Cables ranged in size from 1/0 to 1250 MCM aluminum.
  • This project also included the installation of generator step-up transformers and foundations, termination of all power cables, and the installation of low voltage cable bundles from the GSUs to the GE power modules at each turbine.
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