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Freshwater Sciences

Diving Into Freshwater Sciences at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

  • Hooper Corporation’s Plumbing Department installed over 65,000 feet of pipe, equally over 12 miles.
  • Hooper installed several systems, including a dechlorination water room that uses a system to remove any chlorine from the water entering the facility.
  • This facility was built adjacent to the already existing facility.
  • Most of the piping installed is PVC and CVPC schedule-80 pipe and fittings, which are required due to the nature of the building because copper and brass are not conductive to healthy fish life.
  • The underground soil was not structurally sound, meaning plumbing and electrical work had to be hung below the slab-on-grade
  • The large, heavy decontamination tanks created a challenge for the workers since it was a tight squeeze. Crews had to plan and coordinate to make sure the tanks were properly placed in the allotted space.
  • Due to the restricted  space, the workers had to work very carefully since the tanks barely fit in the rooms.