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Dick’s Sporting Goods

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  • This was a two phase project. The first phase included demolition of the existing JC Penny infrastructure and adding the landlord provided water, gas, and sewer stubs. The second phase consisted of installing all the required plumbing for the new store.
  • Crews installed:
    • over 2,500’ of natural gas piping to a new roof top HVAC, plumbing equipment, and interior heaters.
    • water service from existing water meter room to several mall stores.
    • interior sanitary drains to several mall stores and new roof drains and storm piping to replace the existing in Dick’s Sporting Goods.
    • New restrooms, break room plumbing, trench drains, floor drains, and floor cleanouts.
  • Due to existing sanitary drains being corroded and collapsed in sections, crews had to cut the floor, excavate and replace over 1,200’ of sanitary building drain.
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Plumbing Services

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I wanted to take a moment to commend one of your employees, Gregg Peter. Gregg is a plumber in your special projects division, and he is nothing short of stellar! We used Hooper for the plumbing work when we did our renovation work in the Fall of 2012, and Gregg was the one who was assigned to us back then. Very quickly I knew that he was the only person I wanted to help us from here on out.

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Ryan Koga
Co-owner, Karben4 Brewing

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