Sub Zero Design Center

Location: Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Areas of Expertise: Custom Metals Fabrication, HVAC and Plumbing

Hooper Mechanical Division (HVAC and Plumbing) crews completed work on the Sub-Zero Design Center in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. The new 333,600-square-foot facility combines the company’s research and development labs and engineering offices all under one roof. The new Design Center will allow for a wide range of testing scenarios and continue to enhance the company’s reputation as a leader in product durability.

Each lab is designed to allow engineers the flexibility to change the utility infrastructure, temperature, humidity levels, and water quality depending on the test. Sub-Zero is constantly on the cutting edge of innovation with new product design and testing. Their products are designed to last an average of 20 years and are subjected to hundreds of performance tests to ensure quality and longevity.

Hooper’s HVAC team installed a new boiler plant, ice-making chiller plant, 13 air handling units, hot and cold water piping, and all of the ductwork in the new building. Crews also built 81 perforated stainless steel plenums with slip/drive connections to facilitate better airflow and distribution. The chiller plant is a green initiative that reduces energy use during peak daytime hours. The chiller makes ice overnight for use throughout the following day.

Plumbing crews provided multiple systems for the entire facility that included sanitary, storm, domestic water, RO water, liquid propane, natural gas, compressed air, liquid nitrogen, and gaseous nitrogen. Throughout the new facility, there are many multi-use labs with different types of utility needs. Hooper worked closely with the Sub-Zero user groups to determine the precise locations of the testing equipment. Weekly site walkthroughs helped pinpoint hundreds of utility point of use outlets.

Hooper’s custom metals department stepped in and helped produce – in just days – stainless steel backsplashes and other metal work needed on the project.