Gebhardt Office Building

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Areas of Expertise: Custom Metals Fabrication, HVAC and Plumbing

Originally a hard bid project in 2017, Hooper assisted the engineer, architect and owner in re-designing major portions of the sanitary, storm and domestic water systems to save over $250,000 in overall plumbing costs without forsaking any function of the building. The water piping was redesigned to eliminate pipe footage in redundant systems and utilize equipment more efficiently in remote spaces. Drain and vent systems were relocated to stream line design, provide a cleaner, more accessible installation and maintenance path, as well as, eliminate routing through plenum ceilings. Major equipment was re-selected to fit the new piping layout.

Hooper’s HVAC team provided the all the mechanical work on the building and their custom metals team provided one-of-a-kind stainless steel trough sinks in the “Sylvee” restrooms. Some buildout work happened post occupancy requiring off hours work and close coordination with tenants already occupying adjacent spaces. Tenants such as Strang architects and engineers, Miron, Google, the “Sylvee” Music Venue and Frank Productions moved in and now call this building their home.