Part of Brei’s role as Consulting Utility Arborist is to facilitate communication between Hooper’s tree trimming crews and homeowners. Brei’s goal is to help provide safe access for line clearance needs while supporting the health of impeding trees and vegetation.

During one of her door-to-door visits, Brei discovered an elderly gentleman living alone. Aside from informing him of the electric power work that was planned, she learned that he was an 89-year-old Army veteran living in poor health and isolation with no relatives in the area.

On her own time, Brei returned later to share lunch, conversation and subsequent visits that connected her new friend to medical services and VA assistance. Her efforts were later acknowledged by a Hooper client who was deeply impacted by these actions:

“Our entire purpose as a utility is to serve our customers. It is an honor to work side by side with those who embody what it means to be ‘Your Community Energy Company.’ I want to thank Brei and Hooper Corporation for continuing to represent MGE in everything you do for us. We really appreciate the relationship we have with you and your employees.”  BART, DIRECTOR, Electric Construction Operations, Madison Gas & Electric.