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Latest Issue

Fall 2013

In the Fall 2013 Edition

  • Uncharted Territory: High Voltage Transmission Work Brings Hooper Crews to Canada
  • From the President: Thank you to our employees and our community
  • CARES Program
  • Hooper STAR Committee Update
  • Welcome to our new employees
  • Process Piping and Plumbing Partner at Promega
  • UW Health at the American Center: Collaboration Continues Between GHAC and Hooper Corporation
  • UW TAC Project Fun Facts
  • International Linemen’s Rodeo: Brandon Underdown takes 2nd place in contractor division!
  • Second Annual Hooper Halloween
  • 24/7 Emergency Storm Response
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Spring 2013

In the Spring 2013 Edition

  • Hooper Corporation Celebrates 100 Years of History
  • From the President: Construction Industry Employment Gain, Largest in Nearly Seven Years
  • Safety Sense: Now and Then
  • Hooper STAR Committee Update
  • Fresh Faces and Promotions
  • Henry Vilas Zoo Opens New Animal Health Center
  • Notable Department Projects
  • The Service Side of General Heating and Air Conditioning
  • GHAC Surpasses 1,000,000 hour mark with no lost time injuries!
  • A Flash from the Past
  • Farewell, Paul Schwenzfeier
  • Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

Fall 2012

In the Fall 2012 Edition

  • Hooper Crews Heighten Power & Safety in the Denver Area
  • Hooper Corporation Marks 100th Anniversary in 2013
  • Safety Sense: Now and Then
  • Tough Mudder 2012
  • A Geothermal Piping Puzzle
  • Hooper Process Piping Department: A Flash from the Past
  • Service and Special Projects
  • Welcome to our new employees!
  • Farewell, Jerry Diebling
  • Hooper Line and Tree Crews Respond to Hurricane Sandy
  • Record High Summer Heat Leads to Early Morning Work
  • United Way Campaign Results
  • Upcoming Conferences

Spring 2012

In the Spring 2012 Edition

  • Capitol Heat and Power: A Natural Approach to Heating the Capitol
  • Technology Becomes Catalyst for Lean, Green Construction
  • Safety Sense
  • Custom Metals Fabrication: “The Land of Innovation”
  • Tree Trimmers Brave the Cold
  • Electric Power Division – Notable Department Projects
  • GHAC Maintains Excellent Safety Record at Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research
  • Fresh Faces
  • Upcoming Conferences
  • Green Goats, Green Building
  • Division of State Facilities (DSF) Awards
  • Community Outreach

Special Hurricane Sandy Issue

In the Special Hurricane Sandy Issue Edition

Fall 2011

In the Fall 2011 Edition

  • Renewable Development in New England
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Coupled with Total Station Survey Technology Impacts Jobsite Safety in a Big Way
  • Fresh Faces
  • Substation Rescue Training
  • Hooper Crews Make National Mark
  • Constellations…Galaxies…Planets…What’s Next for Epic?
  • Plumbing Department Announcements & LEED
  • A Collaboration of Efforts is Essential for Epic’s Geothermal System
  • Electric Power Announcements
  • Farewell, Roy Carter
  • Upcoming Conferences
  • Community Outreach
  • United Signal

Spring 2011

In the Spring 2011 Edition

  • Creating Sustainable Systems With Black & Graywater
  • Technology, Green Building Changing Construction for Good
  • Distracted Driving Deaths Are Preventable, Prevention Starts With You
  • Did You Say Something? A closer look at hearing loss and prevention in the workplace
  • What Does Climate Change Mean for the Utility Industry?
  • Notable Department Projects
  • One Small Device Pays Big Dividends for Service Dept.
  • Fire Protection Installation and Maintenance Available from One Location
  • Promotions
  • Employees Recognize Their Co-Workers’ Contributions
  • Horses, Hats and Tracks: Hooper gets a look at the backside at Churchill Downs
  • Fresh Faces
  • 5,940 Ribbons in Trees: 1 Ribbon = 1 Child Abuse Victim Reported in Dane County in 2010
  • Smart Phones Link Construction Industry to the General Public with QR Codes

Fall 2010

In the Fall 2010 Edition

  • WID: Bringing Science and Community Together
  • Reminiscing on Nearly 100 Years Gives a Sense of Déjà Vu
  • Fresh Faces
  • New Crane and Derrick Standard Increases Training Requirements for Companies, Craft Persons
  • CMF’s Specialized Workforce Attracts Out-of-State Business Under Time Crunch
  • Eco-Friendly Measures Critical to Land Preservation During Wind Farm Project
  • Safety Measures Are the Difference Between Project Success, Failure
  • Reduce Your Energy Bills and Save the Environment Using the Earth’s Heat
  • Community GroundWorks @ Troy Gardens
  • Leaky Faucet? Clogged Drain? Call Hooper Today
  • Fusing Hybrid Technology and the Utility Industry

Spring 2010

In the Spring 2010 Edition

  • There for You When the Lights Go Out
  • Adding Value to Your Community
  • Hooper Sets a New Safety Benchmark for 2009
  • Variety in Tasks Leads to Expansive Training Courses
  • Hooper Reduces Costs, Carbon Footprint Using Solar Water Heating and Water Reclaim Systems
  • Wind is King in This City
  • Bremer County Project Successful
  • Hooper Keeps Structures from Washing Away
  • EPS’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule
  • Hooper Fleet Receives Upgrade
  • Employee News
  • Improved Space and Capabilities in 2009

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