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A Letter From the President

Dear Friends:

For more than one hundred years, Hooper Corporation has been your full-service electric power and mechanical contractor. We are proud of what we have built and those we have partnered with.

As the eighth President of this organization, I am inspired by the legacy of leadership and innovation that has typified the work of Hooper. We are poised to build upon that foundation of strength. We value the partnerships we have with the people, the organizations, and the communities we impact.

Hooper has extensive experience throughout the U.S. and Canada in completing large and complex projects. We work closely with our customers, clients and sub-contractors to make dreams become real.

At Hooper, our first commitment is safety. As is meeting or exceeding the expectations that are placed on us.  Above all, we value a sense of teamwork and partnership – both within our organization and with the people who join us in shared purpose.

Our strength is found in our employees.  The people of Hooper all have an unwavering commitment to safety, service, value, and complete customer satisfaction.

As our work continues, I invite you to join with me as we build upon this legacy of leadership, innovation, service, and support.  Through these efforts, you will see and experience the qualities that make our company successful.

Sincerely,Hooper president - dave

David M. Orr


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